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Thinking Episode 20


· 44:58

Our thinking has a powerful impact on our perception of the world and our own wellbeing. Our thoughts can shape our emotions, influence our behaviour, and even blind us to reality. By becoming aware of our thinking patterns and learning to observe our thoughts without judgment, we can gain more control over our mental states and make choices that align with our values. Understanding the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and actions is key to cultivating happiness and improving our overall quality of life.

Three prompts
  1. What is the story I’m telling myself?
  2. Is it true?
  3. Am I feeling my thinking?

Creators and Guests

Anya Pearse
Anya Pearse
Intuitive adviser, facilitator, and positive psychology practitioner.
Mark Steadman
Mark Steadman
Coach helping digital creatives with big feelings


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