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Play Episode 16


· 56:53

Play is not just a frivolous activity, but an essential part of our lives. It relieves stress, improves brain function, and promotes learning and problem-solving. Play allows us to explore new ideas and perspectives, heal emotional wounds, and strengthen our relationships. It’s a powerful tool for personal growth and wellbeing.

In this episode, Anya and Mark discuss the benefits and importance of play in our lives, and how play can serve as practice for life.

Three prompts
  1. What’s stopping you from playing?
  2. What is your kind of play?
  3. How can you bring more play into your life?

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Creators and Guests

Anya Pearse
Anya Pearse
Intuitive adviser, facilitator, and positive psychology practitioner.
Mark Steadman
Mark Steadman
Coach helping digital creatives with big feelings


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