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Optimism Episode 15


· 33:20

Optimism plays a crucial role in shaping our perspective and experiences in life. It allows us to have a forward-looking outlook, embrace possibilities, and cultivate a growth mindset. Optimism helps us notice the good things, be open to change, and enhance problem-solving abilities. By choosing to see the world with optimism, we can create a more fulfilling and positive life.

On this episode, Anya and Mark explore the concept of optimism and its significance in our lives. They discuss the relationship between optimism and happiness, the importance of having a growth mindset, and the challenges of maintaining optimism in the face of adversity.

Three prompts
  1. What does being optimistic mean to you?
  2. Do you believe that things are personal, permanent, and pervasive?
  3. How can you cultivate more optimism in your life?

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Creators and Guests

Anya Pearse
Anya Pearse
Intuitive adviser, facilitator, and positive psychology practitioner.
Mark Steadman
Mark Steadman
Coach helping digital creatives with big feelings


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