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Fear Episode 6


· 44:07

Is fear false evidence appearing real? Fear can be rooted in childhood trauma and shows up in our need for positive relationships. But how much attention do we need to pay to it?

This week, Anya unpacks the neurobiology of fear and how the amygdala acts as a smoke alarm, activating the body's fight or flight hormone. She and Mark explore the importance of responding to fear in a mindful way, instead of trying to suppress or ignore it.

Anya reflects on how fear has taken away from her own happiness, and offers strategies to help reduce fear, such as reflecting on one's own insecurities and developing a sense of self-love and acceptance. Finally, they reflect on how fear can be a necessary and useful tool in our lives.

Three prompts
  1. What are you afraid of?
  2. What can you be scared of – and try anyway?
  3. How can you develop a gentler relationship with your fears?
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Creators and Guests

Anya Pearse
Anya Pearse
Intuitive adviser, facilitator, and positive psychology practitioner.
Mark Steadman
Mark Steadman
Coach helping digital creatives with big feelings


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