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Love Episode 12


· 32:51

Love is not just a romantic feeling, but a crucial aspect of human biology and social connections. Love has the power to positively impact our physical and mental health, and it is important to recognise and remove barriers that prevent us from giving and receiving love.

In this episode, Anya and Mark explore the different types of love, from filial to platonic, and the many ways it shapes the human experience.

Three prompts
  1. Who loved you into being?
  2. What barriers do you have towards love?
  3. How can you be the love you want to see in the world?
This podcast is produced by Origin.

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Creators and Guests

Anya Pearse
Anya Pearse
Intuitive adviser, facilitator, and positive psychology practitioner.
Mark Steadman
Mark Steadman
Coach helping digital creatives with big feelings


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